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"a gathering of the finest quality"
Established 1977


My husband of 29 years, William Barry and I always strive to produce Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that meet the General Standard of the Breed keeping foremost in mind HEALTH, TEMPERAMENT and CONFORMATION as our primary goals. We love this breed and our primary goal is to protect it!  Reputable breeders put two dogs and their pedigrees together first for themselves, in that we are always looking for that superb show/breeding dog, yet always keeping in mind that we cannot keep them all and that the majority of the puppies produced will likely live in loving "companion/pet" homes.

Health and temperament are the primary concern for any person looking to add a new member to their family! Buying a "companion/pet" quality Cavalier puppy does NOT mean that you are getting an inferior puppy. We do not require that "show potential" puppies be put in "show" homes. Our primary concern is that they are placed in safe, loving homes that appreciate their quality.  Many a show potential puppy is sold as a companion because the majority of people are not looking to show/breed, and we only sell on 'Open' registration to people we know well and/or are seriously showing and sharing our same goals and philosophy. The difference is that 'pets' are sold on a "LIMITED Registration", meaning nothing produced from that Cavalier can be registered with the CKCSC-USA or AKC or any other club. We sell all pet puppies, no matter how gorgeous, on a spay/neuter contact to protect the breed from back yard breeders' indiscriminate breeding practices and to protect our kennel name and the bloodlines in our pedigrees from ending up in a 'puppy mill' or a 'back yard breeder's' hands and in their puppy's pedigree. See “Puppy Buying Precautions”.

Our sales contract asks that the puppy/adult Cavalier comes back to us at anytime during its lifetime should the buyer not want it or not be able to keep it for any reason. It will not go to the animal shelter or the Cavalier Rescue nor can it be resold or given away (to 'Aunt Tillie') without first being offered back to us, the breeders.  Should you want to pass it on to someone else we have ‘first right of refusal’, which means we are the first to get the Cavalier back. We must first meet the party that you want to give the dog to and if we approve of them, then they have to sign the same binding contract with us before the dog can exchange hands. We want to know where our Cavaliers are during their lifespan.

Puppy Guarantee:     Responsible breeders should always be willing to take their dogs back. Rescues and animal shelters would not have their existing burdens if all breeders were responsible for the rescue of what they have produced. Our contract also guarantees the puppy against any fatal congenital anomaly that causes the dog to die within the first year of its life. A Veterinarian's autopsy is needed to identify that the death was caused by a congenital anomaly. A free puppy replacement will be given from the next Bailebrae breeding. I can honestly say that to date we fortunately have not had to make good on this guarantee as we breed from healthy bloodlines and thoroughly check our puppies before they are sold.


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