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A photo is not enough

It is often said that one picture is worth a thousand words.  It is, however, equally true that no picture can ever tell the whole story.  Purchasing a puppy based on viewing a photograph or videotape is a risky proposition at best, even when dealing with the most reputable and ethical breeders, because there is no way to know how you and a given puppy will react to each other.  This all important “chemistry,” which we have so often seen begin to develop as a prospective owner sits and plays with a litter of puppies, cannot be defined or predicted.  The lifetime relationship between you and your puppy is paramount, and the best chance of it being successful is to meet your puppy before you buy him or her.  In fact, most reputable breeders will tell you that your puppy picks YOU.  How can that happen if you don’t present yourself in person? 

Pictures can be a useful tool, for example, to help screen puppies as to whether they fit the general look that you are seeking.  Perhaps you have had a heavily marked Cavalier in the past and wish to see for yourself that the puppy you are interested in is “nicely broken up” (an even mixture of black and white markings.)  However, a picture is only a starting point, and you should remember that you may pass up an excellent puppy based on an unflattering photo.  Your best bet always has been to visit the litter in person, see the puppy and the conditions under which he or she was raised, and establish a relationship with the breeder.  We periodically have puppy buyers fly here, and take their puppy home in the airplane cabin with them, for not much more than it would cost to ship the puppy as cargo (which we will not do.)  It does take more time, but it is worth it.


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